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Leo - Astrology Zone March Horoscope

This is my fave pick for monthly written horoscopes. These are by Susan Miller at Astrology Zone. Susan is a very well known and highly respected Astrologer and her monthly horoscopes are very generous in detail and length. "Spot on!" is a common response to Susan's work. I always print mine off and highlight significant dates and details so I can follow along. I use it as a guide to recognise and dodge bullets when necessary and fulfill my potential wherever possible. I hope you enjoy x  

Leo Horoscope for March 2012
By Susan Miller
Your chart is lit up like a pinball machine, and bingo, this month, soon you will see, you will be named the winner. Your career and financial prospects could not be better. Rare is the beauty and grace that will be found in the conversations among the planets during early March. In fact, there are only two instances in the past when we have seen anything close to the harmonious pattern that is shaping up in early March, and that was on June 8, 2004, and on March 15, 1967. To get so many planets within a degree, all forming a grand trine (golden triangle), and having the new moon and Sun support this alignment, is akin to trying to get six apples lined up in a slot machine. That's how rare and special this month's planetary environment will be, and this means you will have opportunity to get ahead in your career in a way that may have been impossible before this. 

What is to happen is that four planets will come together in precise, mathematical harmony, all within tiny perfection, all in earth signs, to create a "grand trine" - a mathematical formation that resembles a golden triangle - linking Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. Further, the Sun and full moon will be in earth sign Virgo too, standing ready and able to enlarge all the goodies that this configuration portends. We always need a new moon to harness the energy swirling about, package it, and send it out to you - without the new moon, things might fall flat. But you DO have precisely the right new moon, and so all this energy will be made accessible to you. Even though most of the beautiful planets will be "hitting" perfection on March 12 and 13, for the reason just expressed, you need to keep your eye on the full moon of March 8. 

This full moon will fall in your financial solar second house of earned income, savings, and spending, so you can expect to be thinking about money at this time. Remarkably, Mars will be in that same house, and at the time of the full moon, March 8-13, will send a direct beam to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, and also to Venus, orbiting next to Jupiter, giving you extraordinary favor from VIPs. This suggests that you are about to realize just how dearly VIPs want to have YOU in their corner. You may get a raise along with a promotion at this time, or you may be negotiating a new position and working on settling the new, generous salary. It is also possible you will be spending money to make money, such as if you are self-employed and want to launch an ad campaign or publicity tour. This is the time to be thinking of your career, for with your stellar aspects, it would be hard to imagine how you'd go wrong. 

At the very same time that Venus and Jupiter are so busy, working to raise your income and status, Pluto in your solar sixth house of workaday assignments will be in perfect position to help, too. This suggests that the actual work you will do in March - and in weeks to come - will likely be quite engrossing and new in some way, capable of bringing you to a whole new level in your industry. Pluto is famous for demanding an all-or-nothing devotion to whatever Pluto brings, so if you are willing to give your projects your full concentration, there is almost no limit to how high you can fly later. Pluto will be directly linked to Mars, now in your house of salary and income, and to Jupiter and Venus in your solar tenth house of prestigious career success. This is that golden triangle at work! To continue reading this forecast head to Susan Miller's site HERE

Please note Susan's forecasts are written with American dates. Thanks for reading x 

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